The Foundation missions

"In a context of social and environmental transitions, all over the world, Schneider Electric philanthropic investment gives all young people the means to build solutions for a better life, by catalyzing local initiatives combining technology, social innovation and entrepreneurship."

Professional training in the energy sector - Providing the tools for lasting achievements
The key challenge of training in energy sector is to provide disadvantaged people with the knowledge and skills to be able to carry out a trade in a safe and responsible way, providing them and their families with the means of satisfactory subsistence.  It will also give them the ability, should they wish, to sell and maintain energy access offerings and to create their own small business in time.

Social innovation - Identifying the faintest signals and contributing to the solutions of tomorrow
As today's world undergoes profound transformation, with disruption around every corner, the Schneider Electric Foundation has chosen to make technological, social and entrepreneurial innovation a core priority.


Eligibility Criteria

The Foundation supports and promotes:

  • Ambitious vocational training programs in the electricity sector for underpriviledged communities, providing access to energy in emerging countries
  • Innovative projects led by youth which design, develop, deploy efficient solutions to face climate change;
  • more broadly, forward-looking and inclusive initiatives, raising awareness about the challenges of climate change.

Who: projects whose beneficiaries are underprivileged people, mostly teens and young adults.

What: training and entrepreneurship projects in the field of energy, innovative solutions and raising awareness on climate change projects, needing human and/or financial/in-kind support.

Where: projects in the countries where Schneider Electric has a presence, and close to its sites.

How: projects led and/or followed up by the Foundation delegates and local entities.

When: projects that require sustained support for more than two years or projects that are set up after a natural disaster.

How much: the Schneider Electric Foundation provides a financial donation ranging from a few thousand Euros to several hundred thousand Euros, in addition to local commitments (financial or in-kind contribution).

The Foundation does not support:

  • One-off events: festivals, galas, exhibitions, concerts, conferences…
  • Non-associative or individual projects: personal projects, student projects, scholarships, study visits abroad, internships, university thesis and dissertations.
  • Editorial or cinematographic projects
  • Communication campaigns or advertising projects
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